Given the large volume of deliveries estimated for the end of the year, from 11.18.2016 FAN Courier suspends RED CODE service for an indefinite period. Thank you for understanding.

About FAN

Anywhere, with pleasure

We are the leading courier service in Romania since 2006 and we want to continue to be a reliable partner of all those who choose our services, with the same passion and dedication for each delivery.

Every night, the FAN Courier cars cross 78.500 kilometers, almost twice the length of the Equator, covering 105 routes throughout the entire country. We decrease the distances between people and the pace never slows because we have the most dedicated couriers, a wonderful team always ready to receive new members.

Top brand, happy clients

Founded in 1998 by Adrian Mihai Neculai Michael and Felix Patrascanu, FAN Courier is ranked 12th in the Top 100 of the most popular and enduring Romanian brands, position given each year by Biz magazine, and first among Superbrands the category “Transportation & Courier Service”.

All prizes and awards won over the years are both because a solid business strategy and permanent investments, and for trust that we managed to win, every year from our customers, through responsibility and involvement.

12th place in the ranking of Most popular and enduring brands in Romania, conducted annually by BIZ – newspaper

Leader in the category “Transportation & Courier Service” in the competition Superbrands 2015-2016

Felix Patrascanu, cofounder FAN Courier – awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the publication Business Review, Manager of the Year in 2014 by Govnet in Excellence Awards Gala Courier. Award of Excellence for leadership in  Business Days Gala 2015.

Company of the Year, awarded by Govnet 2014 and 2015 Excellence Awards Gala Courier

Romanian Courier Business Awards 2014 award from GOVNET Excellence Awards Gala in Courier Services

Best Web Application, awarded in 2014 and 2015 by Govnet for Self AWB application at the Excellence Awards Gala in Courier services

Adrian Mihai was nominated in the competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

Annual Laureate (First Place) and the Excellence Award in the National Top of Companies compiled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest

Investment of the Year, awarded by Govnet 2015 Excellence Awards Gala in Courier for the investment in Brasov HUB

Annual Laureate (First Place) in the National Top of Private Companies in Romania organized by the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania

Annual Laureate (First Place) in Top National Companies Romania, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

Best Courier Company, acordat în cadrul Romanian eCommerce Awards Gala 2015

100% Coverage, 124 branches

We keep up with the new trends in technology, constantly investing in both new services with added value for customers and the development and improvement of those who represent us, couriers who care that all deliveries arrive in the best conditions at the destination.

Investments in IT in recent years, larger, modern local offices, training and fleet renewal helped facilitate the process of sorting, transport and forwarding, placing FAN Courier among the most modern domestic companies.

We have national coverage of 100%, 123 branches throughout the country and a fleet of over 3,100 vehicles, always ready to reach any point in Romania in a short time.
Year after year, the number of localities included without additional kilometers increases, our shipping services being available both nationally and internationally through strong partnerships.

Together, with the community

We get involved in the community to which we belong because we know that a solid company needs dedicated people and long-term relationships.

We encourage excellence and talented children, winners who manage to overcome the toughest obstacles. We find in the stories of those who always seek success, and this motivates us to carry on our approach.

With confidence, towards the future.

Every day, over a hundred thousand packages are carefully packed and handed over to the couriers to carry them forward to partners, friends and loved ones. We travel through the world together and with each delivery we carry forward the messages which are separeted by distances. Where do you want to send the next shipment?

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