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Print & Go is the first service in Romania through which the correspondence is printed, enveloped and mailed in an average term of 24 hours from order confirmation from the customer, regardless of its location and destination address


  • Print & Go is the automatic solution offered by FAN Courier for printing and mailing a wide range of documents: bills, notices, flyers or brochures.
  • the service is available through integration with the SelfAWB application. With integrated SelfAWB application, FAN Courier customers who send the envelope are able to send documents at the same time they generate the AWBs. This way, they will cut out the investment to develop their own application.


  • electronic documents, printed in the form submitted by the client (invoices, notices, notifications etc.);
  • documents prepared using a template with variable data, with a file that must be completed for each document;
  • documents taken directly from the customer’s computer system (e.g. billing software), without modification that require client intervention. The processing may consist in: extracting information for rearranging the page, filtration or restructuring the information or printing in special conditions (simplex / duplex, page orientation, different types of schools).


  • information transmission process will be done through secure channels;
  • we implemented the Information Security Management System which is ISO 27001: 2013 certified; the access to information is made exclusively via VPN, using only the FAN Courier internal network. For more efficient data security, we will use these protocols:

SSL – security protocol in internet communication. This type of security is offered to customers by SelfAWB.

SFTP – security protocol to be used for individual FTP access locations. The access is via electronic data authentication and encryption keys, dedicated to each client.


  1. The customer sends the files at print or through secure channels, along with all the necessary technical conditions and graphics;
  2. FAN Courier examines the document according to its type and prepares it for printing, respecting the technical specifications or even offering graphic solutions;
  3. The customer confirms to FAN Courier the final version and, once received, we print and envelop the documents. At customer’s request, we can insert flyers or brochures;
  4.  The envelope is shipped anywhere in Romania, in average time of 24 hours.


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